Kevin Company Director

Kevin took over the company in 2006 and has succeeded in steering the company through initial problems with change over, He has seen his company grow even larger with a client base that is the envy of many companies of similar size.
His reputation has grown along with the company and he is known as producing work to a very high standard of quality. He continually strives to improve on this sound reputation and continually trains his team Leaders in work aspects until they are second to none shoddy work is never tolerated and so is never produced his watchword is if when you stand back from the work and cast a critical eye over your work if you see a problem no matter how small then that work is not good enough redo the work until not a flaw can be found.You do not last in Sparks F.P if you cannot produce flawless quality.

His trade is as an electrician and in this he is highly skilled he installs Hi-tech systems for the deaf, Blind, disabled and elderly so that they can enjoy a quality of life within the comforts of their own homes.
There is nothing his workforce can do that he cannot he is skilled in all aspects of the companies installations.
He is skilled in the repair and servicing of electrical equipment used by our clients such as powered wheelchairs, Disability Scooters stair lifts etc